How does drinking Matcha Elixir Detox the body?

Well and Green Matcha Elixir Range Antioxidants
In order to answer the above question, first it’s important to understand exactly what we are detoxing the body from and why it’s so important to detox the body.
First, detoxing the body is all about freeing our body from free radicals. The best way in understanding the harm free radicles cause is to think of it as rust, rust that is eating away at your insides.
This ‘rust’ attacks our body and prevents us from functioning at 100%. If our body cannot naturally destroy the free radicles that show up in our body, the ‘rust’ can then lead to what is known as ‘oxidative stress.’
Uncontrolled oxidative stress can lead to many chronic diseases, and is also linked to premature aging. This is why detoxing the body is so important. And, as many studies have found, a great and easy way to detox the body is to drink Matcha green tea.
This is due to matcha having high levels of polyphenols and flavoinds. Another aspect to the way matcha detoxes the body is due to the chlorophyll found in the finely ground green tea leaves. Obviously the ability of matcha detoxing the body is dependent on how the plant is grown.
Which is why Well&Green only uses Australian certified organic plants that have also been shade grown. The best and most effective time to drink matcha green tea (in detoxing the body) is before a large meal and/or in the morning.
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