The Birth Of Matcha

Matcha green tea leaves China Crop

The history of the Matcha found in Well&Green's Matcha Elixir dates back to the early 600’s. While today we associate Matcha Green Tea with the tea ceremonies popular to Japanese culture, Matcha Green Tea actually originated in the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

In the early stages of the tea’s existence, the Matcha Green Tea leaves were steamed and then formed into tea bricks to be sold on the tea trade or put into storage.

This early way of producing Matcha Green Tea is vastly different to how we know Matcha Green Tea to be produced today. 300 years later in China’s Song Dynasty a new way of preparing the green tea leaves became more popular. The Chinese tea drinkers began to grind the green tea leaves into a fine powder, which was then whisked together with warm water; much like the modern Japanese preparation of Matcha Green Tea.

However, it is the Zen (Chan) Buddhists that we can thank for ensuring Matcha Green Tea exists in today’s modern world. It was the Zen Buddhists that were the first to form a ritual of preparing and consuming Matcha Green Tea, and would eventually bring these rituals to Japan in 1191 where today it is still very popular. Soon after in China the popularity of powdered green tea died out, and if it wasn’t for it’s important role within the Zen monasteries in Japan and its popularity amongst the Japanese upper classes between the 14th and 16th centuries, we might not have had the luxury of consuming Matcha Green Tea today.


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