We are a local Byron Bay company, a business born from the desire to create a healthier society world wide. 
We wanted to create a Matcha Elixir based drink that was 100% natural, super good for you and something you would enjoy drinking… as in YUM! (without the hidden naughties). And with this simple idea, Well&Green (formerly Skinny Green Co) was born.

Our product has been formulated by experts and put before some of Australia’s leading nutritionists and naturopaths. Our cold tea drink is specifically designed to bring you sustainable weight loss, increased energy and body detoxification.

The idea for creating Well&Green came from being involved in the fitness industry and feeling that the fitness market was flooded with health drinks that are full of artificial colours and sweeteners. We believed there was a gap in the market place to be filled with a premium, organic and natural product. 

Which is why we decided to create a Matcha Elixir that was 100% natural, super good for you and something people would enjoy drinking.


Well and Green Organic Matcha Elixir Products